How to live not knowing

I just exist 
It's messy and confusing and constantly changing
So, eh

I don't need to live my life anticipating the next identity crisis
So I'm going to figure out how to live not knowing 
That's how I ended up in this kind of, eh, space 

I had a conversation once with a few others 
We were talking about being at drift
If we were all on an ocean, in our own boats
They said, "I would want to be tied to a peer."

Then I felt like, why? When you can drift out and learn to navigate 
This unstable, fluid space 
I don't need myself to be the stable thing in my world 
I prefer not to be 
I prefer to be fluid
It's my being fluid that lets me develop the depth that I care about

Being anchored, to me, feels like your putting yourself at the center of the world around you.
You're stable, and everything else around you is not
Which I don't like 

I think of systems as not having a center
There are different dynamics, and some might be stronger than others
But there's no central core 

The more holistic the system you think of,
The less central of a core there is 
And the more shifting and fluid the relationships are 

The conversation about anchoring versus drifting came around the time I had an identity crisis.
And I think that the dynamic relationality of just drifting out and not being anchored to something is comforting.

I don't want to be anchored.